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Gebr. Dobberkau KG
Ansprechpartner: Olaf Dobberkau
Am Sättel 16
98553 Schleusingen / Germany

Telefon: +49 3 68 41 / 4 44 44
Fax: +49 3 68 41 / 4 09 20
Email: info@prorallye.de

Presse und Medienbetreuung
Prorallye Medienservice
Ansprechpartner: Eric Marr

Telefon: +49 1 71 / 3 72 70 91
Fax: +49 3 68 41 / 4 09 20
Email: medienservice@prorallye.de

Konzeption, Layout, technische Realisierung und Betreuung der Webseite
deduktiv consulting
Ansprechpartner: Nicolas Möhring
Burgstraße 3
98716 Elgersburg / Germany

Telefon: +49 36 77 / 79 91 13 0
Fax: +49 36 77 / 79 91 13 9
Email: info@deduktiv.de

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  1. Richard Barbitta sagt:

    Hello Mr. Dobberkau,
    I wanted to write a note to say … MAN,YOU ARE THE BEST DAMNED DRIVER I,VE EVER SEEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I want to apoligize Mr. Dobberkau. I do not speak or read German. I can only speak and read English. But, precision driving is a universal language! ( he-he). You even drive better than I do and without trying to brake my arm tapping myself on the back (lol)… I,m the third best driver I have ever seen or known. Writing this email to you is QUITE exciting!! I have a question maybe you could give me a few pointers. If you would. My best friend and I have been interested in Rally racing for MANY years. We have been saving up our money for a long time now. My best friend is also an EXCEPTIONAL driver. We believe that we are ready to buy or build a entry level rally car. We do have experience in the automotive industry. I am a certified Automotive Master Technician here in the United States ( Sacramento California) and my friend is a Mechanical Engineer he designs commercial heating and air conditioning systems. We have the facilities and the mechanical abilities to build one hell of a car. As I told my best friend… If there was anyone’s opinion I would listen to it would be Olaf Dobberkau!!!!! If there is ANY pointers or opinions you could tells us I could’nt possibly tell you how much we would appreciate your opinion in this matter. Also Mr. Dobberkau your wife is ONE HECK OF A NAVIGATOR!!! YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST… REALLY!!!! Your cars are SUPERBAD!!!!! Thanks for reading my email Mr. Dobberkau! your number 1 fans!!!!!! Rick and Michael

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